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Meet the team

  • Florian Siegert Founding director

    With extensive knowledge in ecology and more than 20 years of remote sensing experience, Florian initiates, designs and manages large international projects. He also teaches environmental monitoring at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.

  • Jonas Franke Remote sensing

    Jonas is a geographer whose expertise lies in earth observation and environmental monitoring. He manages international R&D, joint projects, and also advises organizations on conservation, risk assessment and monitoring techniques.

  • Peter Navratil Remote sensing

    Peter holds an MSc in geography, specializing in remote sensing of forests and the environment. With a decade’s experience in environmental consulting, Peter currently manages forestry, REDD+ and climate change projects.

  • Uwe Ballhorn Forestry

    Uwe’s strong background in forest science, particularly modeling biomass using LiDAR and multispectral data, makes him a valuable addition to the team. His sphere of expertise also includes international field surveys, forestry, carbon and R&D projects.

  • Sandra Lohberger (Englhart) Synthetic Aperture Radar

    With a PhD in radar remote sensing and environm. monitoring, Sandra's expertise includes multi-sensor carbon stock estimation, environmental monitoring and field campaigns. She manages SAR, forestry and R&D projects.

  • Juilson Jubanski Photogrammetry and LiDAR

    Juilson's strengths lie in photogrammetry, surveying and GIS. He currently oversees LiDAR and aerial image derived biomass modelling, peat surface reconstruction, drone and high-resolution LiDAR projects.

  • Stefan Kirmaier Software development

    Stefan is a remote sensing and GIS specialist with a background in geoinformatics. His work deals predominantly with process and workflow automatization, as well as software development.

  • Kristina Konecny Forest research

    Kristina is a remote sensing, GIS and photogrammetry specialist, with a background in geodata-visualization. She focuses on analysing LiDAR data to characterize and monitor tropical forest ecosystems.

  • Elizabeth Atwood Marine research

    Liz brings a background in marine biology, oceanography and statistical modeling to the team. Her work focuses on developing methods to monitor plastic debris distributions in rivers and ocean gyres.

  • Werner Wiedemann Remote sensing & GIS

    Werner is highly specialized in digital image processing for remotely-sensed data, as well as GIS-based landscape analyses and modeling. He studied cartography and geomedia technologies in Munich.

  • Natalie Cornish Remote sensing & GIS

    Natalie’s background lies in environmental monitoring, particularly using multi or hyperspectral data. She is responsible for satellite image interpretation, resource mapping and bilingual support.

  • Iris Haberkorn Marketing & administration

    Iris has worked for RSS since 2010. With her extensive experience in marketing & communications, she happily assists the RSS Team with all administrative and management matters.

  • Anna Berninger Forest research (SAR)

    Anna’s skills lie in geoinformatics and remote sensing. Her research concentrates on monitoring tropical forests using radar and involves SAR analysis, interferometry and polarimetry.

  • Claudius Mott Remote sensing & GIS

    Claudius is a biologist with over 15 years’ experience in earth observation. He possesses a professional breadth of knowledge in aquatic remote sensing (coral reefs, coastal ecosystems) and international conservation guidelines.




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The Office

  • Address: Isarstr. 3, 82065 Baierbrunn, Germany
  • Phone: +49 (0)89 48954765